Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We forgot to put Kristin's name on the board and now it is almost 2010 and I forget her last name. But I do remember that 15 minutes before she was to show up at the studio for her DYMO and her wish I realized that I had left my camera at home. I had also left Kristin's phone number at home (ever professional that's me) so I threw the dogs in the car, left the studio door open and flew home only to be pulled over a block from my street for going 50 in a school zone. I got off with a warning, grabbed the camera, and left a message on Kristin's cell to wait for me in the studio. When I finally made it back to work Kristin was serenely waiting, happy for the opportunity to do nothing for the first time that day. All that and I have forgotten her last name.

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