Monday, December 21, 2009

Elinore Pinto

Elinore Pinto, my grandmother and one of the great loves of my life.
We took these photos in her room at the nursing home. My mom was kind enough to be my lovely assistant that day, you can see her hands holding up the height chart.
When I was in the darkroom printing Nana's contribution to the cause I was thinking that I should go back and ask her neighbors for their wishes and regrets. What the difference would be between what we think now if now is 49 versus now is 99.
Food for thought.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Neil Rotman

My brother in law Neil.

Cassie Rotman

My sister in law Cassie.

Annie Bryer

I could photograph Annie all day. Such a great face.
The Jellicle Ball was her engagement party.
I, of course, had to Google Jellicle Ball.

Kevin Brown

Of all the wishes and regrets Kevin's is my favorite/least favorite. Favorite because it is the most honest/perceptive and least favorite because it is the most honest/perceptive. I don't know why but Kevin's is even harder to take than the people who wished they were better parents. I know I bitched and moaned at the beginning of the project about the vanilla wishes but I am stunned and really humbled by the level of generosity that many of the wishers and regretees brought to the project.
P.S. Kevin looks appropriately bereft in this photo but I'm guessing that I was probably yelling at him that he better not smile while I was clicking away.
R.I.P. Kevin Brown

Kate Henderson

I don't know if I've ever been this honest.

Abby Platt

Don't we all.

Asa Povenmire

Asa makes the mug shots look real.

Christine Mediema

My dear friend Christine, who was the best sister anyone could have.

Wanda Quinn

Wanda's mom was my next door neighbor for a million years and I just adored her. She was a widow who's police officer husband had lost his life in the line of duty as had his brother in well known Massachusetts police tragedies. If you were not familiar with the family history you would never guess that tragedy had touched their lives in such a profound manner, they were that strong as a family unit. Wanda's mother is gone now and so is Wanda. Although she did not live to see her grandchildren, no one could of fought the dragon harder or with more grace than Wandy. For three and a half years, in between rounds of Chemo, she lived life to the fullest and made a profound impact on every life she touched. Karma really got this one wrong.
Wanda Quinn

Brooke Quinn

I asked Brooke to be part of this project so that her wish and regret could be included with her mother's and Aunt Christine.

Seamus Reynolds

I had to look it up.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Isabella Rotman

My daughter Isabella in my old studio wearing one of her homemade shell bras.

Simone Roos

Yes, that Simone, the one with all the ideas.

Amira (the princess) Kabbara

My beautiful Amira. She started traveling so early I'm surprised she hasn't already circumnavigated the globe several times.
True to form this coming semester Amira will be spending a 'Semester at Sea' traveling to Mexico, Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Agraghana (?), Brazil.

Jody Fuller

Jody is one of my dearest friends. I must of been having a brain fart that day because I worded her regret as a wish. In my next life I'll have less brain farts and learn how to take a flattering picture.

Guy Chichester

Guy's wish was so long we had to get creative with the letters and numbers.
A little windy but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who worked harder for peace and democracy than Guy.

Jordan Kelley

Some people are meant to have children, Jordan is probably one of them.

A M Kane

I love Ann Marie's regret.

Abe Henderson-Brown

You can always trust Abe to keep himself entertained.

Stanley Rotman

My father in law Stanley. He really doesn't look like he's gonna make it to Izzy's wedding in the above photograph! don't worry it's just a crappy photo of the usually photogenic Stan the Man.

Michael Quinlivan

Since Mike is a veteran and the first to hosey it, he got the 'world peace' wish.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sophia Rotman

Our Sophia, greatly missed.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Carol Colgan

Carol came to an open studio day and signed up.